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"Small Groups"

Praise the name of the Lord. JCFN Japan encourages returnees to join in or start small groups. This month, we would like to have a report from Kanto area's small groups.

[Report from Small Group Coordinator]

"Follow Up with Returnees Through Small Groups"
Hiromi Kakehashi
(JCFN Associate Staff, Small Group Coordinator)

Do You Know of The Vision For Small Groups at JCFN?

"To connect, encourage, equip, and expand"

Our vision for small groups is to help returnees connect to the church and to a small group, to be encouraged so that he or she can encourage others, and to be equipped so that he or she can equip others. Instead of ending up with groups of friends just getting together we want others to be able to go out and spread the blessings and work in various regions across the country and to be able to start new groups. In order to help members stay on track, we hold meetings every three months with the core group members.

During this meeting, we remind the members about our vision and hold a short leadership training session. We have a mini-celebration during each meeting so that each small group can make it a habit to count their blessings during their time together. JCFN is able to continue the work of following up with returnees thanks to members who support this work and small group leaders who give up their time for the core members meeting.

It is a great blessing to see that the leaders and each of the group members are functioning as an important part of the body of Christ. I have the privilege to see this group growing together as the body of Christ and you too can become a part of this work by attending a small group, starting a small group, and supporting in prayer. I am sure that this will be a great blessing for all of you.

[Testimony from Small Group Member]

"Gift from GOD"

Ryoko Ito
(Shinjuku Small Group Member)

I became a Christian while studying abroad in the United States, and I returned to Japan six months after I was baptized. I have been living as a Christian in Japan for two years now, but my life is far more exciting than I have imagined it to be. That is because God gave me wonderful friends through the JCFN Shinjuku small group.

I used to be in an environment where I constantly worried about my past, about others talking about me, and gossip. Therefore, I was not a very social person and I spent most of my weekends alone. God changed me when I met the members of the Shinjuku small group. Through this small group and bible study, I was given friends with whom I could open up to and I was able to learn the joy of fellowship.

I also started to see the reason for "why God sent me to Japan." I wondered about this for a while after I returned to Japan, but I think God gave me these brothers and sisters so that I could spread the gospel in Japan. I wouldn't have had the courage to do it myself, but I could do it with the help of my brothers and sisters. I gave my testimony at a homeless ministry once, and through my testimony one homeless person was saved. I am grateful to my friends at JCFN who gave me encouragement, prayer, and wisdom for this testimony. Praise God for these awesome friends. I am grateful that through my everyday life, I can feel God's presence.

Kanto Area's JCFN Small Groups (as of April, 2013)

Near Okachimochi Station
Tues 7:30 pm

Near Ikebukuro Station
Every other Wed 7:15-8:30 pm

Near Shinjuku Station
Every Thurs 7:30 pm

Shijuku Krispy SG:
Southern Terrace Krispy Kreme 2F
Every Tues 7:15-9:00 pm

Omiya Baptist Church
1st & 3rd Fri 7:30 pm
2nd Friday K's Cafe (Higashi Urawa)

Near Yokohama Stattion
Every Fri 7:30 pm

Hope Bible Church
1st & 3rd Fri 7:30-9:30 pm

Machida Christian Center
2nd & 4th Fri 7:30 pm



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