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How are you doing during this change of season? We hope this monthly newsletter finds you well. Here is the report from one of the events held during the summer, JxJ's summer camp. JxJ is the student outreach ministry taken place in Seattle, WA.

Blessing at JxJ's JEMS Camp 2013
Hiro Mizoe
(JxJ Leader)

WarmBeach GroupThis year's theme for JEMS Warm Beach Nichigo camp was "My plan, God's plan" Jeremiah 29:11-13. It was my second time attending the camp, and I served as a Nichigo director this year. Many people attended and had 3 great days together. The speakers were Setsu and Mao Shimizu from California. God used their friendly personality, and even the attendees, who have never heard sermon or read the Bible, had a great experience listening to their messages.

Personally I was very excited that God was going to do something wonderful! Last year, 4 people got saved on the second day, but this year, I couldn't see who was ready to accept Christ as their Savior. It got me a little worried. I even thought I wasn't good enough as a director. I prayed that night, and talked to Setsu, and realized that I had the wrong assumption. If we see our own abilities and determine whether we're successful in reaching out to people or not, we are not allowing God to be God.

I had MY plan and was worried because it was not going the way I wanted. I wasn't allowing GOD'S plan to unfold. I realized God was reminding me of His plan and His plan is good and has future for me but for all f us.

On the last day, one person from California got saved. If we only see the number, it's lower than last year, but I saw that God touched many people and spoke to them. During the alter call, three people indicated that they would like to believe, however they weren't able to profess their faith during the camp. I trust and believe in God's best timing for them to profess their faith.

Please remember them in your prayers. I bring all the glory back to the Lord. I'm thankful for God that He protected and led each and every step of the camp for the good, despite many bumps throughout the preparation and the camp weekend.
Thank you very much for those who supported us through prayer and donations!


JxJ is an outreach ministry in Seattle by Japanese students, young adults, Japanese churches and international ministries working together.  They have monthly JxJ meetings and JxJ Café (Bible study).  Once a year, with the cooperation of JEMS, they host an evangelistic camp.

JxJ is a regional meeting for JCFN.

For more information, please visit JxJ website.


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