Newsletter (Equipper)

In addition to the brief ec13 report on January Monthly Newsletter, we would like to share voices from the conferees and testimony.

God has done it again!

Thank you so much for your prayers and support for equipper conference 2013.

We held our 12th equipper conference 12/27-1/1. This is a conference to equip mainly Japanese students who become Christians in the US and then return to Japan as ambassadors for Christ. Those who live in the US, Japanese and non-Japanese also attend the conference to be equipped so that they can minister to Japanese students who come here to study.

God had sent 340 people to us and 2/3 of them were first timers. We tackled the Sermon on the Mount for 5 days and all messengers spoke very powerfully from the Scripture. God spoke to all of the participants. Here are just a glimpse of their responses and decisions made at the conference.

"I will share Christ with my family and friends."
"I think I was putting myself as No1 in my life, but now on, God is my No1!"
"I accepted Christ! Now I have become a Christian!"
"I will become Christ's disciple and make His disciples."
"I am not just returning to Japan. God is sending me back with His plan and purposes."
"I will share Christ to my non-Christian friends on campus."

We had seeker's program as well and we were able to share the Gospel with 18 and 6 had accepted Christ!

Accepting Christ2(H just received Christ!)

More than 100 participants had requested for scholarship in the amount of $30,000. We raised $17,000 this year. At the end, we distributed close to $20,000. God had met all the needs! We are so grateful to God for all of you who had contributed to the scholarship fund. Thank you!


Group Photo

[ec13 Testimony]

God's provision is real. Trust & Obey!
Akashi Nishigata

My name is Akashi Nishigata. I am a Christian attending a university in Kentucky. My parents support me financially. As an international student, we can only work very limitedly, so I am always struggling financially. When I learned about ec in August, even if I wanted to go, I knew I couldn't afford it.

My desire to go to the conference didn't leave me. I had scrambled $80, the deposit, and registered myself thinking, most likely I won't be able to go. Soon after that, I learned ec was looking for Seeker's pro-gram male staff. My heart began to move. I didn't know what I can do as a staff, I didn't know how I would afford to go, but my desire to serve God at ec grew and grew.

It became clear to me that God wanted me to serve at ec, but I wasn't sure how God was going to provide my needs. So I decided to step out with faith and because the Lord had told to me go, I bought the air ticket to go to California with the money I had saved up so far. However, that's all I had. I decided if I must, I will hitch-hike my way home. I continue to pray, asked my friends to pray with me. I learned at that time, there is a scholarship fund from ec. I wrote to them about my situation, and then someone had offered me a return air ticket! God also provided all conference fees!

During the conference, I had served as a small group leader for the Seeker's program and 2 of my friends had made decision to receive Christ during the conference! God is too good. God is too awesome. Thank you so much for those who prayed for the conference and those who sacrificially gave to the scholarship fund. I have never experienced God so closely and so powerfully. When I obeyed God's call, He provided everything. God had worked in a small vessel as me to share Christ with my friends so that we all can glorify Him. Praise God!

akashi(Akashi, on the left in the photo)

Report from Winter Special Fundraiser in North America and Japan

The special winter fundraising project ended January 31st, which had been announced by both the North American Headquarters and the Japan Office. Thank you so much to each of you who participated in this project. In North America, 56% of the target amount 20,000 dollars, 11,268 dollars has been provided. In Japan, 31% of the target amount 1,100,000 yen, 347,000 yen has been given. Thank you very much.

We've been in need of ongoing financial supporters for administrative operation and each staff support. We appreciate you participation and prayers.




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