Associate Staff


Megumi Kurata


  Born as the youngest of three children in Akashi, Hyogo to a Christian family, Megumi came the the United States as an international high school student. Megumi attended college and entered the workforce in Michigan, but her faith was very mediocre for a few years. After meeting JCFN at Central Conference (held in the Midwest region) and also attending Equipper Conference, she renewed her relationship with Jesus Christ. She married in 2007, and has been serving for the Midwest region since 2011. Currently, she lives in the heart of Michigan while raising three children. 

Yoshiki Saeki


  Originally from Fukuoka, Yoshiki led a reclusive lifestyle after dropping out of high school. Afterwards, his high school teacher recommended a short-term study abroad program in Portland, Oregon, which is where he met Jesus Christ and his life was completely changed. He then came to the US in 2001 and attended Portland Bible College. As he was attending Bible college, he became a part of the international student ministry's staff at a Japanese church in Portland, and served for 7 years until 2008. In 2009, he took on the role of serving JCFN and served as the director of Equipper Conference in 2010 and 2011. Currently he works for a local branch of a Japanese company while being involved in starting a church in Portland, and also works hard as a father of two. 

Kunitsugu Onishi

  Kunitsugu was born to a pastor’s family in Osaka, Japan. After going through seminary in Japan, he studied abroad at Talbot School of Theology based in Biola University in Southern California. There, he encountered the fellowship of Japanese Christians outside of Japan for the first time, and his eyes were opened to the possibility of Japanese ministry. Afterwards, through JCFN, he realized the importance of ministry for returnees, and began serving. Currently he works as a JEMS missionary and is preparing to return to Japan. He has one wife and one daughter. 

Hiromi Kakehashi
Small Group


  Hiromi was born and raised in Tokyo in a typical non-religious family. She quit her job after entering the workforce, and spent five years living abroad: two and a half in Australia, and two and a half in New Zealand. She became a Christian in New Zealand, received a calling for ministry, and returned to Japan. She didn’t know anything about JCFN when she first returned, but came to know them and decided to serve after struggling to find a church for herself. She became a staff member of Tokyo Baptist Church in 2005. She mainly serves in ministry that involves small groups. In 2006, she became a leader for JCFN.
She is mainly involved in small groups held throughout the Kanto region. She strives to be the loving bridge between returnees and Japan. 

Roberta Peabody



Roberta Peabody was raised in a small town in Massachusetts, the youngest of four children. She has served since 1991 with The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM), in Tokyo Japan. She was raised attending church and made a clear decision to follow Jesus Christ at age 15. She first visited Japan as a summer missionary, with no idea of becoming a fulltime missionary. Yet, God had bigger plans! After college, she worked briefly as a social worker, and then attended Columbia International University in South Carolina. For many years she worked as missionary staff at Word of Life Press ministries until 2010. In 2010 she completed a Master's degree at Tokyo Christian University. During her time in Japan she has served in both Japanese churches and international churches. Returnee ministry is a new ministry in TEAM, and she started serving as a JCFN associate staff member since 2014. 

Nobuyuki Kurisu


  Nobu was born and raised in Hiroshima city. Even though he was raised by loving Christian parents and went to church, he started to drift away from the church after sports became the center of his life during his teens. Though he was baptized when he was 17, Nobu started falling into worldly temptations and was distant from God when he went to New Jersey in 1990. However, he was deeply moved by the love of Christ through the Princeton Japanese Church, which was started in 1991 by a Japanese pastor and wife. After graduating from Philadelphia College of Bible (Cairn University) in 1998, he was appointed by the Christian and Missionary Alliance as assistant pastor of Princeton Japanese Church and New York Japanese Church. He has been serving at Princeton Japanese Church as the pastor since 2000.

He has a burden for young people and has been leading the Children's and Youth ministry for the East Coast Japanese Church Family Camp since 2006. He has also played a key role in serving for the salvation and growth of Japanese youth through the East Coast Japanese Youth Camp (Higakyan) since 2009. Starting at the end of November 2016, Nobu was appointed as the associate staff of JCFN. Through this position, he desires to serve Japanese youth more widely and deeply.

Ken Ishibashi


  Ken Ishibashi was born in Zurich, Switzerland, and spend six years of his childhood in Vienna, Austria. While he was in Junior and Senior High School, he lived in Hawaii because of his parent's employment. His hometown in Japan is Chiba Prefecture. He lived in Tokyo until college and then moved to Nagoya and began working there in 2005. Since he was a returnee, but 100% "made in Japan" Christian, he never had any connections with any returnee ministry until he unexpectedly encountered Inspire Union (Inspa) a regional returnee meeting in Tokai area in 2010. He served as one of leaders of Inspa between 2013 to 2017. Ken became Tokai Area JCFN associate staff in 2017. Meanwhile, he quit his job and became independent businessman in 2012. He owns a real estate management company and he is involved with ministries such as Grace House (Christian Share House) , Grace Center (Christian Share Office), and networking with other Christian organizations in both Nagoya and Tokyo.

Kristen Reddington


  Kristine was born and raised in Kochi, Japan. She grew up in a Christian home but when she became serious about Jesus wasn’t until she moved to Utah for high school. Although there was growth in her faith after having a significant encounter with Jesus, InterVarsity during her college years (a college ministry on campus) was the place where she really grew in her faith. In 2012, she went to the Urbana missions conference and there, she discovered JCFN. As she watched JCFN minister to the people at Urbana, she was in awe of what God was doing among the Japanese people. After that, she started going to conferences hosted by JCFN and at ec14, God gave her a desire to be more involved with JCFN. Currently, she helps out with ec and WIT while being on staff with InterVarsity (in Utah).

Chisato Tateyama



Born in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture. Currently living in London, UK. She grew up in a mixed environment of beliefs and cultures, which is unique to Japan, where there is no religion and many religions. Due to her upbringing and the daily news of cults on TV in her youth, she became a stubborn atheist without realizing it. In her late teens, she went to England to study, where she was reluctantly surrounded by Christians and evangelized, but betrayed everyone's expectations and returned home without becoming a Christian. After returning to Japan, she struggled with God for several years, and in the middle of a marital quarrel, she met God and came to faith.

In 2003, she began studying Applied Theology at Bangor University and Chester University while her husband was studying in the UK. It was during this time that she first encountered JCFN, and was greatly impacted by its ministry and felt a deep connection with it. After her husband's graduation from university, she moved to London in 2008 and began full-time overseas Japanese evangelism and church planting. She continues to pastor ECCJ London Japanese Church with her husband, Aogu Tateyama.

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