Dear JCFN Members,

Praise the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Thank you so very much for your prayers, financial support and encouragements in many different ways or JCFN, God's ministry.

JCFN's fiscal year is from July to June. The enclosed is the financial report for last year (2013-2014). As it is written at the top of the financial report, in order to create the US and Japan joint financial report, we had to make prior year adjustment which took a lot longer than we had anticipated. We apologize for this delay in sending out the financial report.

In order for JCFN to carry out its ministry of equipping the returnees for God's ministry, we need $30,000 to $40,000 for administration, ministry, and staff support funds.

We are informing for different opportunities to support JCFN such as fundraise, becoming supporting members, and etc. Please pray with us that the Lord will meet all of our needs and that His ministry will continue to move forward.

Giving thanks to God who is the true provider.

Shimizu Setsu
JCFN North America Director

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