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   Merry Christmas!
     We, JCFN is in the busyness for preparing for Equipper Conference. But for this season of Advent, we would like to pounder and wait for the birth of Immanuel, Jesus with expectation for upcoming EC17. As for December monthly newsletter, we would like to continue to share the words or expectation from EC main speakers. Please remember the conference as you read through this. Have a very merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

EC17 main speaker
What is Freedom in the Holy Spirit?
Yuichiro Inatomi
Gospel Siloam Church Pastor

     I grew up in a town called Itami, right in between Osaka, the big city famous for comedy and good food, and Kobe, a big city overflowing with an exotic atmosphere. Itami is a town that comedians joke as “neither here nor there,” and I must have taken after that because my spiritual life was the same way. I attended church since childhood but I wasn’t particularly passionate about my faith, and while I watched friends from church conforming to the world, I didn’t have the courage to go over there either. I continued a lukewarm spiritual life of two-timing God and the world. As a “self-proclaimed secret Christian,” I remember trying so hard to not be like Jesus to make sure no one found out that I was a Christian (though I’m sure I wasn’t like Him even if I didn’t try…). Then, when I was in my last year of elementary school, I happened to reach a turning point. I met a scary-looking missionary from South Korea, and was told “I love you in the Lord.”At first I felt so much suspicion to the point of fear, but he showed me what it meant to “love with the love of the Lord” bit by bit. I saw how he left his home country and people to love the Japanese like his own family and was deeply moved. I began to think “This is God’s love. It’s amazing,” and the balance of my lukewarm faith was tipped, and I was gradually drawn to God. After I graduated high school, I decided to study abroad in South Korea, and I finally experienced grace by meeting Jesus personally, and was freed from my lukewarm faith. I obtained a love I had never experienced before and freedom by grace… but I will hold onto the rest of that story until EC.

     After that, I received a calling as a pastor and began attending seminary. It would have been great if I could’ve led a lifestyle of “God and only God,” but it wasn’t that easy. I entered a new “two-timing” life: half for God, and half for myself. No matter how hard I studied in seminary and graduate school (that doesn’t mean my grades were good though… haha), my troubles only got worse, and I didn’t know how to escape from there. However… One day, I experienced a different kind of grace and was finally freed. I’ll hold onto the rest of that story until EC too.

     After living as a pastor in Japan and Korea, I now pastor 2 churches in the United States (Los Angeles and San Diego) by the grace of God. Now I love worshiping with the joy of being loved by Jesus. I also love hanging out with young people, which is why young people make up more than half of our church members. I dream of them being used by God for Japan’s revival and world missions.

     I attend EC every year, even if it’s just partially. Every year I look forward to seeing young people meet Jesus and be changed by the work of the Holy Spirit. This year, by grace I have been given the big opportunity as a speaker. But just as the theme says, with the “Freedom in Christ,” I want to enjoy the blessing of the Lord by worshiping along with and also having fellowship with everyone.

     Let’s have a blast and expect great things from our beloved Jesus! 

He was born and raised in Osaka, the city of laughs and good food. Since his mother was a Christian, he was half-forced to attend church from a young age. His life shifted in a major way when he met a very warm and loving missionary with a scary face when he was in elementary school. After high school graduation, as he was trying to decide on a major, the missionary recommended that he study abroad in South Korea. At the time, South Korea was burning with the flame of revival and the streets were filled with praise and prayer. There he met Jesus Christ, was later called to be a pastor, and moved on to seminary. He learned of love and forgiveness while facing trials in a population that was 99% Korean, and also learned of Korean hairstyles and fashion before returning to Japan (oops). After successfully maintaining a five-year long-distance relationship by the grace of God with a woman five years older than him whom he had met at church, they married. He served as an evangelist and associate pastor under a missionary for about ten years, working for spiritual revival in Japan. After that, God called him to South Korea again to study missions in graduate school while working as a youth pastor in a Korean church for three years. During that time, he was given a vision to minister to Japanese international students, and through prayer he was led to the United States. After many ups and downs, he now joyfully pastors two churches and commutes between Los Angeles and San Diego on a weekly basis. More than half the church members are young people, and it is a place overflowing with grace, laughter, and tears. He loves playing, watching, and coaching sports, and played water polo in high school. Even now, he loves to take sports too seriously with young people. He has a family of four consisting of a wife who likes K-dramas and comedy (? years old), a son that likes soccer and comedy (16 years old), and a daughter that likes talking and is a huge fan of Yoshimoto New Comedy (8 years old).
Winter Fundraiser

This winter, both North America office and Japan office are asking for winter fundraiser. Please pray for the all needs to be met.

North America Office
Our goal for this Winter is $20,000, including $7,000 for the EC17 Scholarship Fund. Others are for staff recruitment, development for new ministries, administration, and supplementing the shortage of the staff support fund. (North America office winter fundraiser letter)

Japan Office
From November to January, there will be a Winter Fundraiser held in JCFN Japan. This time, we are praying for $15,000 for the Administration fund, Winter bonus for staff, and GRC18: Global Returnees Conference Scholarship fund. (Japan office winter fundraiser letter. Japanese only.)

Equipper Conference 17

Date: December 27, 2017 - January 1, 2018
Location: Murrieta Hot Springs Christian Conference Center
Theme: “Freedom”: Living the Freedom in Christ
Theme verse: 2 Corinthians 3:17
Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.
Speaker: Rev. Naoto Kamano, Rev. Shinji Seki, Rev. Yuichiro Inatomi

GRC18: Global Returnees Conference
May 2 - 5, 2018
@ Hotel Evergreen Fuji (Yamanashi)

Online Registration is NOW available!
Click HERE

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