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   We praise the name of the Lord. Thank you for your prayers and support for JCFN.   We are so thankful that the JCFN fisical and ministry year, July 2020 to June 2021, has been filled with so much blessings. Because almost all of our ministries were carried out online, It has been a year of focusing on possibilities God presents to us. The Lord has been responding powerfully to our expectations. Hallelujah!
 Various testimonies (EC20, GRC21, etc.) can be found on the JCFN blog, so please read them.  Shiori Furuya officially joined us in April, and our candidate , Daisuke Tsuchida, continues to raise support, and is waiting for their visas.  He and his family are getting ready for a move to the US to take office in September. Please pray for them.


Join us for the 300 Supporting Member Campaign!

   Since the campaign began, our supporting membership has grown from 50 to 110! Thank you! We have 190 to go! Please pray with us.   JCFN Supporting Members are members who support the JCFN ministry with an annual donation of $30 (¥3,000).  We have renewed our database system.  please register and/or renew your membership here.  Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any questions. 

   Difference between a Regular Member and a Supporting Member is...
  A Regular Member receives various information, uses different ministries, and prays for JCFN.  A Supporting Member supports JCFN with an annual donation of $30 (3,000 Yen) in addition to their regular membership activities.
   How to set up a recurring supporting donation.
  Due to database restructuring, you can now set up recurring supporting donation (only for dollar based credit card payments).  The recurring payment occurs annually in the month of the initial set up month.)
   Term for a Supporting Member is...
  The term is same as JCFN's fiscal year, July to June. (For those of you who became a supporting member at EC20, please renew the membership.  If you joined at GRC21, your term is up to date.)

  It is with your prayers and support that the JCFN ministry has continued for the past 30 years. Thank you Lord! Please continue to pray for each of the returnees to be further equipped by the Lord to build up His kingdom wherever they go, and to advance the ministry.We pray that God’s rich grace and blessing would be on you.Thank you!

Setsu Shimizu, JCFN North American Director
Chihiro Okada, Japan Director

✿ Now C-link 21 Online Worship and Online Church Seminar is available on YOUTUBE! ✿

C-link 21, "Online Worship and Online Church: A Theological Examination of Online Approaches," which was held online the other day, is now available on Youtube!
It made us think about not only what we can do online, but also the true meaning and purposes of worship and church.  Please check it out!
Online worship: https://youtu.be/taAVU2Flcy4
Online Church: https://youtu.be/iRrnawmvtaU

1 MILLION HOURS OF PRAYER for Japan During Olympic Season

During this Olympics season, will you join us to give the gift of 1 million hours of prayer to the church in Japan? If you sign up, you will get daily prayer points with this ministry!  Let’s join them!  https://ja.japan1million.com/