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If you are wondering, "Knowing that JCFN's goal of 2012 is 'Empowering Co-workers,' who are those 'co-workers'?" this column is JUST for you!

JCFN ministry does not run only by full-time staff and associate staff members, but mostly accomplished by volunteers. In order for JCFN to practice its own mission statement and one of the core-values, “keeping returnees’ perspectives,” we are looking for more involvement of what we call “co-workers.” Here are some descriptions of “co-workers.”

Follow Up Partner (Bridge Builder): Outside of Japan?those who evangelize, disciple, and equip those who will be returning to Japan, regardless of their culture or language and wherever they are residing. In Japan?those in different regions who befriend with returnees and those churches or community, which welcome returnees.

Prayer Warrior: Participating in JCFN ministries by prayer.

Financial Supporter: JCFN ministry and the workers are supported only by donations.

Volunteer: Regional meetings, events, translation, proofreading, graphic design, video production, office work, etc.

JCFN’s ministry cannot advance without your involvement. If you have any comments on becoming a co-worker, or you are interested in volunteering (including full-time staff, associate staff, or interns), please contact JCFN headquarters.