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Each staff update is constructed as follows. 1. Name 2. Title 3. Update 4. Prayer Requests

NakamuraChihiro Nakamura
Interim International Director

This year I was able to proceed with the Interim International Director position under God’s mercy and support from those around me. I feel that I was given a new prospective, which I was able to receive because of the new position. This year will again be a year of change a three months’ stay in Japan in the fall and the beginning of work as a Japanese staff come Spring. I hope to always follow faithfully in the path that God shows me.

1) To be obedient to the Word and be perceptive to prayer in my walk.

2) For my task as an Interim International Director and the guidance and protection over my work in Japan.

3) For provision of continuous financial supporters.

Chihiro’s Blog:



ShimizuSetsu Shimizu
US Staff

I am enjoying the second year in marriage! As for the ministry, deputation work (support raise) is slowly getting better. For JCFN, I am trying to keep up with God’s way of doing ministries such as ANRC, leadership training, and etc. My deputation will continue till the end of this year.

My husband is working part-time and taking seminary courses online. As a couple, we are involved in international student outreach at our church, invite students to our house (aka Avocado House) for evangelism, discipleship, and fellowship. In August, we had opportunities to share our testimony as a couple. It is my prayer to grow and learn in Christ.

1) Please continue to pray that I would be able to make good contacts and that the Lord will provide both prayer and financial supporters.

2) Please pray that I will be faithful to God’s call, trusting Him, and remain involved in each ministry.

3) As the network for returnees builds through ANRC and other expanding network opportunities, may God protect and strengthen returnees, their family, church, and community. Please pray that I will be able to keep my priorities and faithfully serve in this vital ministry for returnees.



OzekiYuko Ozeki
US Staff

I came up with four goals last year, and have been able to follow through with three. 1) A Mother’s Bible Study has begun in Irvine, which I have been praying for since February. 2) I continue to mentor several young girls. 3) Creating the JCFN 20-year Anniversary Booklet as a JCFN resource. The fourth goal is to be involved with some ministry as a family, but this has not happened on a regular basis. For the new year, I would like to widen my ministry to reach out to more housewives and young families.

1) For balancing both family and ministry.

2) For me to be daily nurtured by the Word, prayer, and listening to the Lord’s guidance.

3) For the opportunity to meet seekers around Irvine, and to share the gospel with them.

Yuko’s Blog:



Miki2Machiko Miki
US Office Staff

Thank you for your prayer and your support. It has been one year since God opened the door for me to work at JCFN. Ever since I started to work, He has been transforming me to become more like His design. It feels like unwrapping a gift from God that I did not even know I had. Through this process, I once again recognize the greatness of God and was challenged to follow Him with all that I am. I think the second year will be just like the first year, still trying to get used to working at JCFN. I pray that I surrender all to God all the time and look forward to what lies ahead.

1) So that my relationship with God will be enriched and that I will be used as God’s vessel to serve others by following Him with all I am.

2) So that I can faithfully serve God in the ministries He has put me in.

3) So that everyone will follow God, be transformed, and continue to build one another so God’s work will be expanded in Japan and in the world.

Machiko’s Blog:



gotosMaki Goto
Japan Staff

Last year was very unsettling throughout the year because of the 3.11 earthquake. Since then, I have been asking myself, “What should I do?” I am still pondering on this same question this year as I continue on the ministry with JCFN. So far, I have been supported financially quite well throughout the year but covet more prayer on this matter. My family is doing well. I should be the one encouraging my children as a parent. On the contrary, they are encouraging me daily. By the mercy of the Lord, my son Mel (age 8) was baptized in August. Praise God!

1) Please pray that God will continue to meet our financial needs.

2) For my health that I will be able to focus on the ministry.

3) For protection over my family and for my children that they will keep growing in Him.



IwaiYoko Iwai
Canada Associate Staff

I have been given the scripture, “Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” I was confronted with a health issue and resigned from my position at work at the end of June. Participants of the praise session at our home have decreased tremendously. I am prayerfully seeking how Jesus will lead us from here on. I am hoping for the provision of a good Gospel leader to have a ministry where many people can participate in a relaxed atmosphere, be touched and healed by the presence of the Lord. Please pray

1) For a good Gospel music leader.

2) For a job that is in God’s will.

3) For a successor who can serve with JCFN.



SaekiYoshiki Saeki
US Associate Staff (ec11)

I was able to complete my tasks as the ec planning committee chair with the support of everyone’s prayers. I would like to use this opportunity to express my gratitude here. Through two years of service, I received many words and training from God. I especially experienced fellowship with JCFN staff, who supported me faithfully, and was able to witness the wonderful talents and diligent services of the planning committee members. These were such encouragements to me. My two-year-old son is growing ever so healthily. Our family will be blessed with the arrival of the second child this fall. My personal work for ec has come to an end, but I hope to be involved with the Lord’s work among Japanese people living overseas, and look forward to Him opening new doors for us.

1) For protection over mother and baby that is due in Oct.

2) For the start of seminary this summer.

3) For wisdom and guidance as the next ec planning committee chair to be selected and the tasks to be transferred smoothly.



KawakamiEmiko Kawakami
US Associate Staff (San Diego, CA)

As I attended the equipper conference (ec11) at the end of 2011, I learned that Japanese returnees face a challenge called “reverse culture shock” in their home county. While “culture shock” is about adopting a new and foreign culture,” reverse culture shock” is about the re-adjustment to the own home culture. Although both Christians and non-Christians face similar challenges, the difficulty that Christians face is much greater because of their faith. Learning of this fact, I recognize the importance of having a Bible study that teaches in Japanese; I started a weekly Japanese Bible study at my home. Please pray that I would be an effective leader, one that is completely led by God’s wisdom. Please pray for the followings.

1) For support raising.

2) For the vision of future ministry



KurataMegumi Kurata
US Associate Staff (MI)

As our family moved to Michigan where I previously lived, my prayer to take a part in the ministry as an associate staff was answered. It is a hectic summer with a second child born in August, but I am truly thankful for the opportunity to be involved with JCFN’s work in Michigan and the Midwest, and also for my husband’s support. Please pray

1) For raising two boys.

2) For relationship-building and support for the many Japanese people in the area (primarily transplanted workers and their family with a three to five term in the U.S.).

3) For guidance and workers for the vision of starting home worship, Japanese small groups, and providing discipleship opportunities for young generations.



OnoeEliya Onoe
Japan Associate (admin)

We moved from Okayama, where we lived for eight years, to Chiba for my new job at Ohara Graduate School of Accounting in Tokyo. The big change of environment was very difficult, especially for Tsubasa, our four-year-old son, to say good-bye to his friends and teachers from kindergarten and church. He is slowly building new relationships with friends and teachers at the new school by the grace of God. We are very grateful. My wife, Yuka, is forming new relationships with mothers and teachers at the kindergarten and sharing her faith in Jesus with them in a natural way. Since my new workplace is located within a 5-10 minutes walk from the JCFN Japan office, I hope to be more involved with JCFN.

1) That I can be where God wants me to be.

2) That I release the fragrance of Christ amongst my relationships with students and colleagues.

3) That God continually grant wisdom and time to improve our accounting system.



Yamazaki2Ryuichi Yamazaki
Japan Associate (admin)

KGK has plans to set up a dedicated staff member to minister to foreign students in Japan from Spring 2013. I am hoping for a partnership of the returnee ministry and foreign students’ ministry in Japan. As I go into the third year serving as the KGK national director, I am hoping to further the student ministry with a new direction. For JCFN, I would like to serve for the Japan office.

1) For wisdom in making important decisions.

2) For wisdom to use my time wisely in the ministry.

3) For my son’s (Yusuke) recovery from illness and his overall health.



KakehashiHiromi Kakehashi
Japan Associate Staff (SG)

This year I did not have very much conflict between my work and JCFN events, so I was able to participate in meetings and gatherings, being blessed through meeting new people. Since the beginning of this year, three new small groups started in the Kanto area. I am thankful to be able to add a new training portion to the meetings that are held every three months with its hosts. I have created a vision statement for the small groups, summed up in four simple words: “Connect, Encourage, Nurture, Expand.” I am looking forward to it permeating through to each of the groups and growing together.

1) For fruitful Quiet Times every morning.

2) For my health.

3) For achieving goals with each small group hosts.



HigashiHiroko Higashi
Japan Associate Staff (Aichi)

It has been seven years since Inspa began. Many young people are arriving back into Nagoya. Most recently, the friends of the returnees (non-Christians) have started to join us. We are thankful for God’s work as they are gradually followed-up in each area and get connected to the body of Christ. Kensaku has a summer outreach internship as a part of his fourth-year program at seminary. Hiroko is thankful, though there is some challenge at work, for opportunities to get to know many locals since June.

1) For plentiful Quiet Times even in my busy schedule.

2) For Kensaku and Hiroko’s health

3) For Inspa’s next generation of core members.



Four of our associate staff concluded their term at the end of this year, and we invited two new staff. These introduced here are our staff members for this year, 2012.

Term for associate staff is one year. One will renew his or her term at the beginning of each fisical year. Please remember thier ministries.

Please also pray for new workers to be sent!