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One month after the Tohoku earthquake, the new ministry year of 2011 started, and we were still feeling frequent aftershocks. It also became clear that our ministry in Japan had to focus on not only returnees but also something else. In order to tell about any disaster situation and give information to returnees and Japanese residents abroad, JCFN has been trying to share information about the earthquake disaster and relief activities.

kantomeetingAt an earthquake liaison conference one day, we were surprised when representatives from two particular relief organizations came up and thanked us, “Thank you very much.” Talking with them, we heard that many JCFN persons were concerned and that some returnees had worked as volunteers.

Last year returnees tried to do what they could do in each area, looking at the disaster from where they live. Regional meetings derived from ANRC such as RIM (Tohoku), RIT (Tochigi), NNS (Nagano, Niigata, Shizuoka), FIT (Fukui, Ishikawa, Toyama), RIK (Kanagawa), ANRK (Kansai), JCFN Kanto meetings, and INSPIREUNION (Tokai). These and other small groups which are dotted over many areas were used as vessels to equip and follow up returnees. We hope for more expansion this year through ANRC12.

(Reported by Goto)