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In November 2010, we announced our plan to apply a new membership system in JCFN. It's almost been two years, and we apologize that we are not yet ready to implement the new system into our database. We are sorry for any inconveniences occurred due to this delay.

As we were planning this project, we were led to make this system more suitable to JCFN’s goal of “Empowering co-workers” (goal of the year 2011 and 2012). The original plan of the new membership system was to make “premium membership” to provide special benefits for those premium members. During the annual joint staff meeting in March and the annual board meeting in May, we agreed to revise the concept of this new membership system to better align to our goal of empowering co-workers.

Original plan of the “premium membership system” was for members who paid an annual fee ($30) would receive special resources from JCFN and a discounted rate for certain JCFN events. Now the revised “new membership system” is as follows.


[Revised “New Membership System”]

(1) Three categories in membership

Supporting Member: Supporting JCFN ministry financially with “promised contribution”

General Member: Participating in JCFN ministry, but not financially supporting with “promised contribution”

Subscriber: Only receiving e-mails and information from JCFN

(2) Benefits and differences of each membership category

  Membership Benefits
Showing Intention
to Participate
in JCFN Ministry
Yearly Reports・
from JCFN
Rate for
JCFN Events
Gift of


Supporting Member
General Member × ×


Subscriber × × × ×

* Regarding “Promised Contributions”

By donating a monthly (or yearly) “promised contribution,” you are supporting the JCFN ministry financially. It will be subject to tax deductions in the United States.

Part of the promised contribution will be used as a fund for returnee foster parents. JCFN gives a package called the “Returnee Support KIT” to returnees before their return to Japan. It costs about ten dollars to provide one kit. Part of the promised contributions will be used to create this kit. In other words, you will be serving as a foster parent to support returnees through the promised contributions.

“Promised Contributions” of a supporting member is planned to be about $5 per month or about $50 per year.

We are preceding this revised project of a “new membership system” over a fiscal year of 2012. Currently we are in the process of updating e-mail addresses of JCFN members. Please be aware that we will contact those who are already in our database to identify your preference of membership in the near future. Thank you for your cooperation.

Lastly, please be notified that JCFN was led to apply this new membership system not only to find co-workers in the ministry, but also to meet our financial needs for the past several years. Please remember our financial situation in your prayers as well.

With prayers that the new membership system will be used for “empowering co-workers.”