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Lent season has started on February 13th. We pray that you have blessed time with God to prepare for celebrating Easter.

In January, we had a short-term intern from FL. Below is her testimony on her internship.

My Experience as an Intern at JCFN

Sakura Miyahira

Florida, JCFN member

I am grateful that God has given me the opportunity to do an internship at JCFN. My internship was only three weeks and I was not even sure why I decided to do my internship at JCFN (even though I was the one who wanted to do it). On the other hand, I was able to see myself start to trust more in God through my internship, even though there was not dramatic change in my life that others could point out and see. My internship at JCFN was an opportunity to strengthen my trust in the Lord and be reaffirmed that He certainly is leading my life.

When I applied this internship, I was struggling internally. Though I wanted to use my college degree and build a career using my experience and knowledge, I could feel my soul cry out that I wanted to “give my life to work for the Lord.” I understood that the path that God was showing me was the best plan for me after my ten years of living as a Christian. As I was preparing myself to graduate college, I realized that I was trying to decide everything on my own instead of trusting in God. God had blessed me in many ways when I came to the states as an international student. When I had difficulty with the difference in culture and language, God always sent me people to help me. I experienced that God was always beside me and He helped me through my life in the states. When I was praying about my life after graduation, I was considering two options. One was to become financially independent, support my parent, and become a good testimony to my family and friends. This plan had seemed like the perfect plan for me. What I wished for was a good workplace, stable income, a church just right for me, and serving without too much stress. To be blunt, these are things that everyone hopes for even if he or she isn't a Christian. I was trying to wrap up my life in this beautiful wrapping paper called “a faithful life” and wanted to live a life that was actually selfish.

My other plan was to live a life that answered my calling to the Lord. Even if my life did not look well thought out in the eyes of others (perhaps even in my own) or even if I had nothing to pride myself in as a working member of society, I wanted to live a life solely dependent on the Lord. In a sense, this plan probably was not wrong and it seemed rather like the best plan. Yet it was not easy for me to choose this path. I couldn't easily say “I will do this because it is the perfect plan in the eyes of the Lord,” when I knew that I may easily break down and give up along the way. Rather than burning out because of giving up everything to the Lord, I thought that would rather compromise and live the life of a “good church girl.”

When I returned to school after my internship at JCFN, I noticed some changes in myself. Although my internship was only for a short period and my job description was limited to graphic designing and I did not have the opportunity to work side by side with JCFN staff, I was able to attend the staff meeting with the JCFN staff members. Through spending time with them, God showed me that there was no option such as “half-heartedness” for people who truly lived for the Lord. In my eyes it seemed like the staff at JCFN were always doing their best for the Lord and worked wholeheartedly on the assignment that they were given from God. My eyes were opened to a whole new perspective from observing how these women worked and through the fellowship in their homes. I was also able to think more deeply about my relationship with the Lord through reading the returnees preparation workbook. This workbook helped me to reflect on how I was before I came to the states and how I was now and to also think about the problems which may arise after I returned to Japan. From this self reflection, God reaffirmed me on how the principles of the Bible would help me through my life even when after I returned to Japan. I recommend this returnees preparation workbook for any Japanese Christian planning to return to Japan.

My attitude in life changed a little after my internship. I found contentment and peace that my hearts cry is of wanting “to give all of my life as a sacrifice to the Lord.” Just like Simon Peter gave up everything and his life to follow Jesus, just as Mary accepted her conception by the Spirit through her faith, I wanted to serve the Lord just as I was, even if I had nothing to boast about or even if I did not know what would become of my life. That is my one wish ---to give myself to the Lord, just as I am. Rather than living in a wealthy house, I would rather love the Lord, serve him, and enjoy life with God's family. Even if I were to be persecuted for the Lord and cry like a little girl, I will still chose to follow the Lord. That is the path I want to live, and I even feel a peace about it.

I want to tell you that I didn't have any drastic changes in my life through my internship. I didn't work on any big project at JCFN but I am sure that my internship here was part of the Lord's plan. I am sure that God is happy with the changes that are happening inside of me and I appreciate the staff at JCFN and God for giving me this opportunity. May all glory be to the Lord.



JCFN is now open to receive interns. If you are looking for internship opportunity for school requirement, long vacation, or optional training after graduation, feel free to contact JCFN.