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We wish you a belated happy New Year.

At JCFN, we ended 2014 and began the new year in California at equipper conference 14 (ec14). We would like to extend our gratitude to you for the many ways in which you worked with and supported JCFN throughout 2014. We hope that you will continue to work with us in following up with returnees in 2015 as well. In September 2015, at Lake Kawaguchi at the foot of Mount Fuji, we will hold GRC15: Global Returnees Conference 15, a training conference for returnees. Since ec14 ended, we have begun to get busy with the preparations. We ask that you would remember this work in your prayers.


Praying blessings on all of you,

JCFN Staff & Associate Staff


Thank you for your prayer for ec14.

Here are some conferees feedbacks and decisions from the survey.

  • To serve God through ministry and church.
  • To be in touch with returnee friends who are away from church.
  • To devote my life and become a pastor.
  • To build deeper relationship with God like best friend.
  • Had courage to return to Japan.
  • To get baptized.
  • To forgive and love others.
  • To pray for someone and those who don't know Jesus. Want to know Jesus more.

Please continue to pray for the conferees and their walk. Following is the report for ec14, which ended in blessing.

* Audio from ec14 plenary sessions and workshops are available at ec14 website.

I praise the name of the Lord.

At ec14, "Following Christ on the CROSSwalk," the whole program went smoothly and ended in great blessings. I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank everyone who prayed for ec and supported it with financial gifts.

Focusing on the theme verse of Luke 9:23, we learned about what it means to follow Jesus. Each participant received various encouragements and challenges, in the midst of which many made decisions to believe in Jesus for the first time, be baptized, become pastors and missionaries, commit to serving at the churches or ministries where they are currently placed, and more. I feel that God Himself used ec14 to touch the hearts of each person.

ec14 has ended, but the truly important part begins now. We ask that you would continue to remember the ec participants in your prayers, that they would not forget what God did in them at ec, and that they would be able to follow Christ each day wherever they are.

Because the missions conference Urbana will be held in 2015, there will be no ec. Please start praying with us now for ec16, that God will provide the necessary executive committee members and fulfill all necessities.

I would like to sincerely thank everyone who participated in ec, as well as the churches in various places who sent people to ec.

I pray God's rich blessings and grace on each of you.

equipper conference14 Planning Committee
Inochi Kakitani, Executive Director

* Winter Special Fundraiser *

As we have been informing from December, "Winter Special Fundraiser" goes at both Japan office and North America Office until the end of January.

Japan Office is targeting 1,000,000 yen (Administration fee: 500,000 yen; Staff special support fund: 500,000 yen). As of January 22nd, 507,000 yen, 50.7% of what we are praying for has been given. We are still in need. Click here for more details (in Japanese).

North America Office is targeting $15,000 ($5,000: Global Returnees Conference travel and conference fee for staff; $5,000: WIT Leadership Training and MI network development; $5,000: Office administration costs). As of January 29th, $9,870, 65.8% of what we set as a goal has been given.We are still in need as well. Click here for more details.

We appreciate your participation.

* Announcement from GRC15 *

Promotion Video of GRC15: Global Returnees Conference is now on Youtube. Check it out.

Watch the Video

Online Registration is now available.
Register GRC15 from here.

Returnee Retreat in Shiga 2015


In March, "Reternee Retreat in Shiaga 2015" will be held in Shigaraki, Shiga.

Theme "Abide in Christ and Bear much Fruit" (translation from Japanese text)
Date: March 20-23, 2015
Location: Shigaraki Christ Church

For details and registration, visit their website.

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