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Hallelujah! Praise to the name of the Lord!

This month, we'd like to share from upcoming GRC15: Global Returnees Conference held on September 20-23.

* We apologize that we were unable to send our monthly Newsletter during March.

"Encouraging Words Received"
By Rev. Shinji Sekisekiweb
Japanese Ministry Pastor at Honolulu Christian Church
GRC15 Main Speaker

JCFN hosts Equipper Conference, but it takes tremendous sacrifice and energy to put together an event like that. I thank God for JCFN's ministry.

JCFN has been serving for many years to bring breakthrough to the difficulties that the returnees would face upon their return to Japan. We want to pray for JCFN's ministry. Also as a local church, we want to build good partnership to support the returnees.

On top of that, JCFN is putting together a conference, GRC15 in Japan. From 9/20 to 9/23, there will be GRC15, a returnee conference, at the foot of the Mt. Fuji. Participants will include; returnees, those who are welcoming returnees, and those who are ministering to Japanese outside of Japan. I will also serve as one of the main speakers and we are planning our reunion for Honolulu Christian Church. Please spread the word and join us!


* Announcement from GRC15 *

Super Early Bird rates end on 4/15!
We are continuously updating news about GRC15 via website and facebook. Please check them out! We now have a list of workshops on the website.

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GRC15 registration is now available online. Also, God is beginning to provide the scholarship fund. You can apply on the scholarship when you register online. Please don't let the finances the reasons for not coming.
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