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30th Anniversary YOUTUBE:

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30th Anniversary Theme Scripture

Wherever the river flows, every living thing that moves will thrive. There will be great schools of fish, because when these waters enter the sea, it will be fresh. Wherever the river flows, everything will live.  (Ezekiel 47:9)  (CEB)

About 30th Anniversary Theme:

The work of JCFN is a part of God's grand missionary work.

Just as the river in this theme verse flows out of the sanctuary, so the work of JCFN was initiated and started by the Lord Himself. Therefore, the glory should be given to God alone.

The flow of the river symbolizes the ministry of the diaspora. As God wills, the stream becomes a tributary from the source, and the Lord's work develops where each stream flows out. In the same way that "the water there will be fresh" and "everything will live," returnees and overseas Japanese are being invited and used in the Lord's work in the places where they are sent.

With this in mind, JCFN would like to remember the following on our 30th anniversary.

  • The glory of the Lord: Since the whole area of JCFN's ministry is the Lord's ministry, the glory is given to the Lord Himself alone.
  • Mission through returnees: That after returnees are saved overseas and return to Japan or are sent to other countries, they may continue to serve as Christ's ambassadors and preach the gospel as those who shed their love in the places where they were sent.
  • Flow: That the returnees may use the gifts they have been given for the good work entrusted to them by the Lord in partnership with Him (working in the Spirit), and that they may bless and improve that community in which they are placed. When we experience "flow" in such activities, we are working in the Spirit and we become more abundant. (See description of "flow" below.)
  • The importance of partnerships: The work of returnees moves forward when churches, Christians, and ministries overseas and churches, organizations, and brothers and sisters in Japan serve together. The flow of JCFN is one of the tributaries in God's overall work.

For the next 30 years, we will dream in the Lord and hope and pray for the following things. 

  • Pray that the returnees will continue to be sent out to various parts of the world, including Japan, and to various industries and churches. 
  • Pray that they would continue to be active in the Lord's work and raise up disciples of Christ with their gifts, workplaces, families and communities. 
  • May each of them have a positive influence in Christ in every area of society and may the nation be transformed.

We believe that these things are possible because the churches and organizations are united in serving the Lord's work. We hope and pray that the returnee ministry will continue to be used as a concrete opportunity to unite and serve together for the Lord's work.


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30th Anniversary Season: December 29, 2020 (EC20) to December 31, 2021.