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ha.gif About getting involved as a volunteer

The work of JCFN is made possible through the support of many people.The support may be divided largely into volunteer work and financial support.Here we will explain our volunteer opportunities.

JCFN's mission is to work for Christians who have lived overseas or accepted the Lord overseas, so that, making use of their experience, they may keep growing wherever they are sent, and show the glory of the Lord.

Mainly dealing with Japanese Christians and seekers returning from overseas, we introduce churches in their various areas to Christians with whom thy can get in touch, as a part of the follow up process.For those moving overseas, we provide necessary information, as well.We publish a newsletter called Equipper and send out testimonies, prayer requests, encouragement through God's word, and other important information.We also organize the "Returnee Conference" and "Equipper Conference", in collaboration with other organizations, as well as JCFN-sponsored seminars, in order to provide an opportunity to study God's word, have fellowship, create networks and prepare for the homecoming or the move overseas.And we uplift these activities in prayer, as we do the evangelism of unsaved Japanese overseas and spiritual revival in both Japan, and the rest of the world.

p1.jpgThese activities are carried out by the volunteers who support this mission.Volunteers who would pray, volunteers who would give testimonies, volunteers who would introduce those coming back or moving out, volunteers who would get in touch with them and follow up, volunteers who would help organize seminars, volunteers who would participate in the seminars, volunteers who would remember these works and support them financially, volunteers and interns who would work at the US Headquarters and Japan Office -- we need volunteers in each of these areas.God is working in people's hearts, and is raising volunteers to support the work of JCFN.

Volunteer workers are the key persons who keep the ministry of JCFN going.We strongly urge you to become a part of this mission.

ha.gifThe blessings I have received through JCFN volunteer work, Megumi Machida (JCFN Chiba member)

"The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field."(Matt. 9:37-38)

I came back from San Diego, U. S. in December of 2002.Since I became a Christian in San Diego, I started looking for a church as soon as I came back.I attended the services of a few churches, but none of them felt right.One day, JCFN staff member, Maki Goto called me and said, "Why don't you visit the church Kana Hasegawa (JCFN office staff member) is attending?"And he introduced me to a church called OMF - The Chapel of Adoration, in IchikawaCity, ChibaPrefecture.And I began attending.

Two months later, Kana invited me to come to a Bible study.We started meeting regularly and shared with each other.This gave me an opportunity to learn about the work of JCFN more thoroughly.When I was in San Diego, I knew about the activities of JCFN in general, because I participated in Equipper Conference 2001, and attended the same church as Maki Goto.But after returning to Japan and began spending time with Kana, I felt a pressing burden for the ministry of JCFN, and for workers.

Right now I volunteer twice a month as an accountant for Maki Goto's support team.And I am receiving a lot of blessing.Working 8 hours at an office, spending 3 hours in my commute every day, my life inevitably centers on my job.But when I join the Lord's ministry on my way home at JCFN痴 office and feel that I am serving Him in the way in which He has granted me, it is a wonderful joy.Maki helped me a lot when I was in San Diego, so I am very happy that I can volunteer to help him in this way.

ha.gifWe are looking for volunteers .

These are the main areas in which we need volunteers.

1.Volunteer work you can do in your area.

(a)Become a Follow Up Partner:It is a ministry of getting in touch with the person who is coming back or moving into your area and praying for and supporting the person's growth in faith.Please refer to About Follow Up Partner (4.12) for details.

(b)Be a Prayer Warrior:We are seeking people who will commit to pray for JCFN.For details, please see About Prayer Warriors (7.14).

(c)We are looking for writers for our newsletter, "Equipper.":Your testimonies about coming back to Japan, what you learned from God's words, testimonies from seminars, etc., please share the blessings you have received from God.(To see the back issues of the newsletter, please go to 7.11.)

(d)Translation:Including the newsletter, home page, and handouts at seminars, etc. All the publications of JCFN are bilingual.Please put your gifts to work, and help to translate our materials.

(e)Lead a Local Meeting:How about starting a JCFN meeting in your local area?JCFN staff members will help you with the how-tos of starting a meeting, or having a Bible study, etc."Where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them."(Matt. 18:20)(For information on the meetings already in place, please refer to 5.00.)

(f)Become a Network Partner:Would you introduce the work of JCFN to your local area?We at JCFN are always looking for churches and individuals who would support and work with this ministry.Please introduce our ministry and activities to your local churches.

(g)Help With the Homepage Update:We are looking for people who will update every month痴 new content and information on the home page.

2.Area specific volunteer work

(a)North America Headquarters Helper (Los Angeles, California):At Headquarters, we are always looking for people who can help out around the office.The work varies widely, from sending out newsletters, keeping up the accounts, maintaining the database, performing translation, and helping to organize seminars, etc.Please make use of your gifts and talents and help the work of JCFN.We are looking for short-term and long-term interns, too, who would stay in LA for a certain amount of time.For interns, we will help to find living accommodations, and so on.

(b)Japan Office Helper (Ochanomizu, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo):At the Japan Office, too, we are looking for help with the office work.We especially need someone who can help with mailing things and updating the database.If you can come help at the Ochanomizu office, please let us know.

3.Other volunteer work

(a)Organizing Seminars:JCFN organizes seminars a few times every year.The main ones are "Equipper Conference" - held at the end of the year in North America, and "Returnee Conference" - held in Tokyo and Osaka.We cannot hold a seminar without the help of volunteers.We need help with coordinating programs, receptions, and small groups, etc.There are many things to do.If you want to be a part from the planning stage, do let us know.If you want to hold a seminar in your local area, please let us know that, too.The staff will assist you as best they can.Please refer to Events (5.00) for more information on seminars.

Are you a JCFN member?

If not, please apply the membership first. Click here. After confirming your membrship, please login, go to the section where you can choose some of volunteer works, and press "Send" botton to update your information.