Supporting Membership

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Please see below for the detail and the direction for sign-up procedure for the supporting membership.

 [The Supporting Membership Details]
●Duration: July to June (12 months)
●Renewal: Every year in June, the reminder for membership renewal will be sent out via E-mail. The membership renewal process will be completed by sending the pledged offering.
●Discontinuation: By not updating the membership during the renewal period, your membership as a supporting member will be discontinued. From that point your member information will be managed under the category of the regular membership.

[Registration Procedure]
Please go to the Supporting member registration page.

[Supporting Member Donation]
●The amount of the pledge: $40 annually (4,000 yen)
●Optional offering (free-will): In addition to the pledged offering, you can make optional (free-will) offering at the same time. The amount will be determined by the giver.
●The pledged offering and optional offering (free-will) in the U.S. will be eligible for tax deductible.

[How to make donation]

When you proceed to the Supporting member registration page, you will be able to select the following payment options

Credit Card (in Dollar)

Credit Card (in Yen)

●Check (North America)
 Payable to "JCFN"
 Postal Address:P.O. Box 17982, Irvine, CA 92623-7982

●Postal Transfer / Japan Post Bank (Japan)
 Accout Name: JCFN Account #: 00100-8-565348

 (a transfer from another financial institution)
  Bank Name: "Yucho Ginko" (Japan Post Bank
  Account Name: JCFN  Branch Name: 019 Office
  Accout Type: Current (Touza) Accout #: 565348

●Mizuho Bank (Japan)
 Branch: Kudanshita Office (Office#532) Accout#: 1161342
 Accout Name: JCFN Nihon Daihyou Yamazaki Ryuichi