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ha.gif Returnees and their needs


So many Japanese live abroad these days, whether they are there as students, on business, or are in an international marriage. One consequence of this is that God’s work of reaching and saving Japanese people is not limited to the country of Japan, but goes on throughout the world as well. Many come in contact with the Gospel while living overseas, put their faith in Christ and then return to Japan. There are also some who are already believers, but grow in their faith through the experience of living abroad. When they return to Japan, they are excited about joining a church, witnessing to their families and friends, and advancing the cause of the Gospel. The number of people who return to Japanas new Christians or those just beginning to seek the Lord is now around 1,600 per year.

However, the challenges faced by these returnees are many and various: reverse culture shock, the busyness of life in Japan, relationships within their families, to name a few.The impact of these challenges extends to people’s spiritual lives and the sad fact is that, at the moment, about 80% end up drifting away from church within a few years of their return to Japan.

Here are some of the problems returnees face:
    • Reverse culture shock
    • Not knowing where to find a church
    • Problems with families
    • Excessively busy personal and working lives
    • No Christian friends
    • Not knowing how to witness
    • Atmosphere at church is very different from what they experienced overseas
    • Nowhere to meet for Bible study


In order to meet these needs, JCFN carries out the following activities:




ha.gif Follow-up

We introduce returnees to churches near their homes as well as to individuals who understand about their needsso that Christians who have been abroad can encourage one another, pray together, enjoy personal fellowship and get connected to a church. We also provide information about overseas churches for those going abroad. Click here for Church Search

JCFN begins helping people with re-entry before they head back to Japan and carries out ongoing follow-up after they return. For details, see the follow-up page.

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We hold conferences in North America (both independently and in collaboration with other organizations) for the purpose of equipping people who are expecting to return to Japan and giving training to those who are involved in Japanese evangelism overseas. In Japan itself, we hold conferences, mainly for groups of returnees, to encourage them in their Christian service. For details, see the Events and meetings page.

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ha.gif Regional Meetings

In various regions of both America and Japan we sponsor local meetings run mainly by volunteers. These meetings are for prayer, sharing personal testimonies and mutual encouragement. For more information, see the Events and meetings page

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ha.gif Networking

We use the internet, our newsletter, and visits by our staff to meet returnee Christians wherever they are in order togive them encouragement. Also, whether in North America or Japan, we publicize the needs of returnees, and seek to establish working relationships with individuals, churches and organizations who support JCFN’s goals.

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The “Equipper” is a monthly newletter sent to anyone who requests it for the purpose of encouragement and provision of essential information. (You can read online at Equipper) For those preparing to return to Japan, the Returnees’ Handbook is proving useful.

We also provide information about Bible study materials and other books in both English and Japanese for the benefit of those involved in the evangelism of Japanese abroad. Please contact the U.S. or Japan office.

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