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Supporting Member

Please support us by becoming a supporting member!

[Supporting Member Donation]
●The amount of the pledge: $40 annually (4,000 yen)
●Optional offering (free-will): In addition to the pledged offering, you can make optional (free-will) offering at the same time. The amount will be determined by the giver.
●The pledged offering and optional offering (free-will) in the U.S. will be eligible for tax deductible.

 Please click here to become a supporting member


Monthly Support

Supporting Member donations are made once a year, but we are also looking for people who give a monthly donation.

In US dollars (credit card only).
(1) Go to and follow this link to the donation page.
(2) Enter the amount of any donation you wish to make.
(3) Select "JCFN Membership Donation" to the right of "TO"
(4) Select "Recurring Giving".
Under "Recurring Giving", select "Every Month". Please note that the default is "Every Week".
(5) Enter your credit card details.

In Yen (credit card only)*Scroll down to the bottom of this page and you will find instructions on how to make an automatic donation via Japan Post Bank.
(1) Please access the donation page from this link.
(2) Select the amount you wish to donate from the '2. Continuing donation (automatic remittance)' section and click the 'To the payment screen' button.
(3) On the payment screen, enter your credit card details.


ha2For those who support JCFN financially:

How to send support

Online Donation by Credit Card

Donations in US Dollars

Donation in Japanese Yen

North America: Please make checks payable to JCFN.

P.O. Box 17982, Irvine, CA 92623-7982

Note: JCFN is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and all contributions are tax deductible. All donations are tax deductible.

Japan: The following three methods are available.

A) By postal transfer

(1) Transfer and payment to the transfer account

Account name: JCFN Code number: 00100-8-565348
Please write your name, address, and telephone number in the client column, and proceed at the counter or ATM machine.

(For transfers from other financial institutions)
Bank Name: Japan Post Bank (Financial Institution Code: 9900)
Account name: JCFN
Store name: Zero Ichikyu Store (Store number: 019)
Deposit line: Current account
Account number: 0565348

(2) For the Automatic Money Transfer System
You can automatically transfer the specified amount of money from your postal savings account to your JCFN account every month. It is very convenient for those who have difficulty in going to the post office during the day.


We apologize for the inconvenience, but please go to your local post office to apply for automatic remittance. If you already have a postal savings account, please bring your bankbook and inkan (personal seal) with you. You will be asked for identification when opening an account.

1)Please apply for the "Application for Automatic Payment" at the counter of the post office.
(2) Please fill out the application form in the following manner.
Please enter your bankbook symbol, bankbook number, address, name, and postal code.
Please enter the account number 00100-8-565348.
Please enter the name of the subscriber you wish to pay into: JCFN.
Please enter the month you would like to start remittance.
Payment date Please enter the 10th. (Please note that this is for administrative purposes.)
(2) Type of payment Please circle "30" in the space provided and write "Donation" in the space provided.

(3) Please affix your seal in two places: one place on the automatic payment application form and one place on the automatic payment acceptance notice.

(4) Please submit the form to the counter of the post office.

■How to stop automatic remittance

Please notify the JCFN Japan Office by the end of the month prior to stopping remittance. Add the procedure to the post office.
Example: If you wish to stop remittance from September, please contact the Japan Office by July 31.

(B) By bank transfer
Please transfer to the following account.
Mizuho Bank, Kudan Branch
Account No. 532 Account No. 1161342
Account name: JCFN Japan Representative Ryuichi Yamazaki (JCFN Japan Representative Ryuichi Yamazaki)

(C) Other support methods
If you have any gift certificates lying around in your wardrobe or desk drawer, please send them to us as a one-time gift. Stamps, postcards, rice coupons, gourmet food coupons, library cards, etc. are all acceptable. Please send them to the Japan Office in a sealed envelope.
Japan Office:
Japan Office: OCC Building, 2-1 Surugadai, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0062, Japan