Newsletter (Equipper)

Hiroaki Yonai, JCFN Board Chairman

Dear JCFN Supporting Friends,

I am sending you the annual report of the Board Meeting with our heartfelt gratitude.

This time, the Board Meeting was held with new board members. It was a meeting to confirm the mission that was given to JCFN, such as the ANRC12 scheduled to be held in Japan in fall, to discuss Japan after March 11th and the challenges that the world is facing.

I would like to introduce the new board members first.

Mr. Doug Whittet (OMF International US, hereinafter referred to as OMF) and Rev. Manabu Nishikori (Pastor of Japanese Christian Church of New Jersey) attended as the US Board members. They have been assigned the position to take over for Mr. Dick Durston (OMF) and Rev. Saku Kuroda (Former Pastor of Makiki Christian Church), both had been involved for a long time since the beginning. The new members are very knowledgeable and talented, and I expect them to bring a breath of fresh air. The other board members and the Executive Director will continue to remain as they have been.

As reported last year, Setsu Shimizu, who used to be the International Director, needed to fill the fundraising requirement under the new regulation by December last year due to the change of personnel and labor management policy of OMF, but the time frame has been extended for another year by OMF. Support raising for Ms. Shimizu is continuing to be a priority. Currently it is still 70% of the required amount. Please remember her in your prayers.

Chihiro Nakamura, Interim International Director, will move to Japan as an active base from here on. The decision has been made because ministry in Japan has been demonstrating diversified expansion and the partnership with churches is also indispensable. I hope that the JCFN will continue to move forward under the new leadership. I also would like to ask you for financial assistance for each staff as well as JCFN.

In North America, regional meetings and training centering around Japanese student ministry and ec are continuing and the network is being extended. In Japan, ANRC12 is to be held in November in Kakegawa, Shizuoka (Yamaha Resort Tsumagoi). Local groups and meetings have been formed in different regions, and they are very active while working together with regional churches and local areas.

The newly released “Supporter News” has already issued No. 5. The voice of those who have been involved in JCFN up to now is our precious history. Please take your time to read it as well as the recent news. The “20th anniversary booklet” is to be completed sometime during the fall this year.

What I am reminded of when I look back at the history of JCFN is the mission that we have been given, to play a role in the critical field of this era. In order for us to continue to serve our Lord with the mission, we are facing a lot of needs. I would like to ask all of you to give us support so that JCFN could walk under the abundant guidance of Holy Spirit with more human and financial resources.

Finally, I wish you the abundant blessings of Jesus.


Executive Board:

Hiroaki Yonai (Pastor of Kokubunji Baptist Church)
Yosuke Mikami (Full-time Board)
Chihiro Nakamura (Interim International Director)

(Board: Japan)

Tsuneo Morisaku (Professor of Baiko Gakuin University)
Masaru Aoki (DNJ)
Hidenori Takahashi (Pastor of Tachikawa Evangelical Free Church))


Manabu Nishikori (Pastor of Japanese Christian Church of New Jersey)
Sachi Nakamura (Doctor of Psychology & Translator)
Mike Reynolds (President of Carefree Clearwater Elections)
Doug Whittet (OMF missionary)