Newsletter (Equipper)

〜Greetings from the Japan Office〜

It is April and in Japan the new fiscal year has just begun. I pray that this report finds you well. On March 30th, I arrived in Japan safely, and I started working at the Japan Office in Ocahanomizu, Tokyo on April 1st. As I am readjusting to my life back in Japan, I would also like to adjust to the ministry in Japan. It's been ten and half years since I left Japan for the US. I will probably experience some aspects of what most returnees are facing, so I am looking forward to applying what I learn through this transition to support other returnees. Please remember my transition in your prayers.

During ANRC12, there was a gather among regional returnee ministry leaders, those who led regional meetings during ANRC12, and those who have a heart for regional ministries. There were about 35 people who participated in this gathering, and it turned out to be a great place to share what is happening in those regions as well as ideas for returnee ministries. Personally, I count this gathering as one of the highlights of ANRC12. We recognized the importance of connection among leaders of grass rooted regional returnee ministries, and discussed how the ministries can empower local churches. Looking forward to advancements in regional returnees ministries, JCFN as a specialized ministry for returnee follow-up, hoped to become their (common) resource and thus decided to send me to the Japan Office beginning in April 2013. Returnees are wonderful vessels of the Lord, and He sends them to different regions in Japan. I pray that JCFN can connect to these regions for the expansion of God's Kingdom.

Chihiro Nakamura
JCFN Interim International Director