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Hallelujah. Praise to the name of the Lord.

Thank you very much for your prayer. JCFN annual Board meeting was held in Michigan in the beginning of June. Detailed meeting report will be posted in the annual report published in September. Here is the report regarding JCFN personnel for 2014.

At JCFN's 22nd Board meeting in 2014, there were board member changes and also internal structuring of staff as written below. This change goes into effect from July 1, 2014, the start of the fiscal year.

Hiroaki Yonai, Chairman of JCFN Board


JCFN Personnel for 2014 (as of July 1st, 2014)

■Board of Trustees
Chairman: Hiroaki Yonai, Kokubunji Baptist Church, Pastor
Vice-Chairman: Tsuneo Morisaku, Seiseki Megumi Christ Church, Pastor
Board members:
Hidenori Takahashi, Tachikawa Evangelical Free Church, Pastor
Ryuichi Yamazaki, Former KGK General Secretary, Board Member of Ochanomizu Christian Center
Michael Reynolds, Carefree Clearwater, Ltd, President
Sachi Nakamura, Ph.D. in Psychology & Translator
Doug Whittet, OMF International Diaspora Ministry, Missionary
Manabu Nishikori, Japanese Christian Church of New Jersey, Pastor
Yoko Iwai, Sukuino Iwa Mission, (Toronto Mission branch of Koiwa Christ Church), Evangelist
Yosuke Mikami, Yamaha Canada Music, Former President

North America:
Setsu Shimizu, North America Director
Yuko Ozeki, Staff
Machiko Saito 'nee Miki, Office Staff
Chihiro Nakamura, Japan Director
Maki Goto, Staff

■Internal Reorganization and establishment of new titles/positions
1. General Secretary position is abolished and changed to Japan/North America Director positions.
2. Staff Coordinator position is established. That position will be the representative of the organization and convenes and chairs the joint staff meeting. Japan and North American director with take responsibility for the the Staff Coordinator position rotating every two years.
3. Auditor position is established to audit Japan/U.S. joint accounts. Eliya Onoe is appointed as auditor. He has resigned from an associate staff position.

Our North America Office Staff is Married!

Machiko Saito ('nee Miki) was married on May 31, 2014, with Toshiro Saito. Below is a few words from Machiko together with her husband Toshiro.


machikotoshiPreparing for the ceremony, me and my husband wanted to thank everyone who has been big part of our lives, enjoy this special day, and ask them to continually be in our lives. Though we wanted to thank everyone, we were more thankful for everyone than ever. (Yuko made the cake in the picture for us!! And it was so good!!)

Even after the wedding, I cannot stop thanking for everyone and am always being reminded that I am here because of everyone's support. Through marriage, there is a huge change in my life.

We are still young and inexperienced, but together with God, we are hoping to make a warm family. I look forward for your continuous support and guidance.

With gratitude,

Toshiro & Machiko Saito


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