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Hallelujah! Praise the name of the Lord.

Equipper Conference 14 (ec14) is just over a month away. Whether or not you are able to attend, we would like all of you JCFN members to pray for ec14. One of the speakers, Pastor Akiya Shimomura, sent us a list of hopes and prayer requests for ec. For those who are attending, please read the requests in order to prepare yourself for the conference. For those who are not attending, please read with anticipation for those returnees who will attend ec and make connections there.

 "Your expectations and prayers will decide your ec14"
Akiya Shimomura
(ec14 Main Speaker)

Everyone who has entered ec14! If you're going to attend, aim for the four "new"s!

Make new friends
Meet your new self
A new direction to a world you don't yet know
Building a new relationship with Jesus

As an attendee of ec13, and as a speaker at ec14, I want to tell you the following things:

The fellowship of the small groups formed at ec13 is still continuing, and is a lifelong treasure. Overcoming age and position, it is a relationship that allows us to pray for and encourage each other. Come to ec14 expecting to meet some really amazing people.

The experience of praying together with a small group about a certain topic changed me. Through the work of the Holy Spirit, I realized what a huge blessing of the prayerful intercession of priests is. This is how it should be. This is what Jesus did, and is what He is doing now in heaven. I am sure that other groups had similar experiences. I hope that you, too, will meet your "new" self in this way.

This year, I stepped out into a new world. It is what I have been imagining for thirty-one years: full-time ministry. It was ec13 that pushed me to do it. If you are looking for a new direction right now, be assured that you will find it. Please be in full anticipation of this.

God had certainly been working in these three "new"s, and it was obvious to me that without Jesus, there were many things that would never have happened. There are so many things that God told me through ec, and looking back now, I'm thankful. There are many things Jesus can't wait to tell you, too. Come in order to get that. Then truly take it in and go home with it. Through this experience, your relationship with Jesus will never be the same.

So start praying specifically now about your four "new"s. If you come full of anticipation, ec will exceed your expectations.


akiyashimomuraAkiya Shimomura
Born in Osaka. Akiya's father is Chinese and mother is Japanese. While studying abroad in Beijing during college, Akiya had received influences from the leaders of underground church, and started attending church after returning to Japan. A year later, Akiya became a champion of Inter-College Aikido competition. Due to the victory his arrogance had been at the highest peak, and that was when God revealed the true meaning of Life, which led Akiya to baptism. After college, Akiya had worked in Itochu for 23 years and consumer goods industry for 8 years. And this April, Akiya put an end to his 31-year of working career, and together with his wife, started attending Seikei Seminary. Now Akiya at 54 years of age and has become a freshman again! Akiya also graduated from evening class of JTJ Mission Seminary in 2011, and until this spring, he had led a business people focused ministry called "Ichigetsu Kai" once a month at Ochanomizu Christian Center. Akiya and his wife have three daughters.

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November 8th (Sat) 10:30-12:00 @ JCFN Japan Office

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November 8th (Sat) 14:00- @ Kanayama Christ Church

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Returnee Fellowship in Fukuoka (Fukuoka)
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RIT (Returnees in Tochigi): RIT at Home in Sano (Sano, Tochigi)
November 15th (Sat) 14:00-16:00

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RICH (Returnees in Chugoku) Hiroshima (Hiroshima)
November 29th (Sat) 16:00-19:30 @ Hiroshima EFC Asa Minami Chapel

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