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Merry Christmas! The advent season has begun, and it's the last month of 2014. Thank you for remembering JCFN and participating in our events over the past year. In both North America and Japan, JCFN has reached the final stage of preparations for equipper conference 14. Continuing from last month, this final monthly newsletter is the hopes and prayers of ec14's third main speaker, Pastor Aogu Tateyama. Please remember his preparations as well as his speaking at ec14 in your prayers.

"God's Big Picture"
Aogu Tateyama
(ec14 Main Speaker)

The words "God's Big Picture" have been repeated many times during the meetings for ec14. It is the hope of the ec14 executive committee and everyone else who is involved. We are praying and preparing so that each attendee would choose a life of following Christ and live a life focused on God's Big Picture. Not only as a lecturer but as one who loves God, I am praying from my heart that God would use ec14 in a way that far surpasses anything we could imagine.

I was born in a Christian home but didn't truly believe until the time I was studying abroad in England. Like many who attend ec, I was saved overseas. Thirteen years ago, without any understanding of how big the world is, I left Japan with the simple desire to learn to speak English. I didn't believe in God or Buddha and lived my life as an exchange student relying only on my own weak self, but I was able to be reunited with Jesus while I was in England. From the day I decided to follow Christ, God has encouraged and guided me, and now I am the pastor of a Japanese church in London, England, doing the work of sending out returnees. It's hard to believe that I, a bad kid who grew up in the countryside of Shikoku, would be living as a pastor in London. When I look back, one thing I can say with confidence is that everything has not been part of the careful path that I planned out for my own life. Rather, far surpassing my own imagination, I'm following Christ, living as part of God's Big Picture.

For everyone who will participate in ec14 (including me), ten years ago you probably never imagined that you would be attending ec14. God's Big Picture is already connecting to and working in your life. At ec14, please choose to be a follower of Christ and live as part of God's Big Picture. I am praying for and in anticipation of ec14. My prayer is that everyone who attends would live out the great plans of our great God.


revtateyamaAogu Tateyama
Born in Kagawa, the "udon" country. Aogu is the 5th generation of Christians in his family. At age of 10, Aogu decided to follow Jesus and got baptized. However soon after joining Middle School, he had become a modern version of prodigal son. Many people especially his parents had suffered by Aogu's decisions for the next several years. At age of 15, Aogu dropped out of High School after going there for 4 days and fled from home, and moved to Tokyo. Aogu had rough time in Tokyo but at a same time, had enjoyed wild living. After having enough, Aogu returned to Kagawa when he was 18. Soon later he met his future wife, Chisato, and two years later they got married. Although they had had a good marriage life, Aogu, at that time a truck driver, all of a sudden decided to go to Philippines to study English ... to concur the world. Needless to say, one-year study abroad in Philippines was not enough to "concur the world", Aogu moved to the Great Britain, where he eventually reunited with God. Aogu graduated from Manchester University, and completed Master's degree in University of Wales. Now Aogu serves as a founding senior pastor at Ealing Christian Centre Japanese Fellowship, where Aogu and his wife Chisato had started six years ago. Aogu and Chisato have 11-year old daughter and 5-year old son.

* JCFN & Returnee Related Events *

JCFN Japan Prayer Meeting: OCHAHOP (Ochanomizu, Tokyo) Praying for ec14!
December 13th (Sat) 10:30-12:00 @ JCFN Japan Office

ICF Kichijoji (Kichijoji, Tokyo)
December 13th (Sat) 18:00- @ Musashino Chapel Center

Christmas - INSPA (Nagoya, Aichi)
December 13th 14:00-17:00 @ Kanayama Christ Church

JCFN US Prayer Meeting: USAHOP (Costa Mesa, CA)
December 15th (Mon) 19:00-22:00 @ JCFN Staff's House

JxJ(Seattle, WA)
December 20th (Sat) 17:00-20:30 @ ISI House

ANRK:Thanks & Praise(Osaka)
December 27th (Sat) 13:00-17:00 @ Kitahama International Bible Church

JCFN Kanto Countdown Worship (Tokyo)
December 31st (Wed) 20:00-24:30 @ TBA

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