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We praise the name of the Lord.

Once again, thank you very much for joining JCFN Month of Prayer during November. For this month newsletter, remembering upcoming equipper conference next month, we would like to share hopes and expectations from ec16 main speakers. As you read them, please remember the conference in your prayers.

Message from Rev. Tsuyoshi Uchikoshi
ec16 main speaker

     “Honey, you forgot it again,” my wife says as she smiled. 
      “Oh I’m sorry, I’ll never do it again! Please forgive me!“

     This is actually the conversation between my wife and I in our house regarding me forgetting to put down the toilet seat after each use.  For men, it’s not such a big problem to leave the bathroom without putting down the toilet seat. However, the toilet with the seat up is a big “trap” for women. It’d be terrible if they sit without the toilet seat (my wife says), so I must remember to put it down for sure, since I do need to watch out for my lovely wife! I always sincerely apologize to my wife and promise her: “I’ll never forget again!” But the reality is, I still forget. Whenever I do it, I apologize to her and my wife forgives me because she loves me with hopes that I'll make it a habit one day...

     It’s already been 14 years since we started talking about this and I still get in trouble.

     Immediately I think. Why do I do this? Is it because I don’t love my wife? No, it’s not. Then is it because I am stupid? No, that’s not it (supposedly). Then why? Probably because deep inside my heart, I don’t believe it being such an important matter. Honestly, I think my wife could just put it down.” I do not believe that it is as important as I need to put it down myself.  I always forget putting down the toilet seat, however, I never forget to check whether my nose hairs are not too long to say “hello” to each other before giving the sermon. For me, the worth of “putting down the toilet seat for my wife” is far lower than my “nose hairs.” It’s hard, but I just have to accept this reality before me. My sincerest apologies to my wife.
     If we don’t believe things are “worthy,” we will eventually forget it. If things are important to us, we will never forget. We could only keep doing things consistently if they are important matters. That’s why we go to school and work every morning, even if we are too tired to get out of bed. Because they are important to us…
     I believe it’s the same with faith. I believe EC this year will be such a blessing to us all. It may be the most blessed time you have had in your life. However, no matter how you are moved by the experience, if you forget them, you cannot apply your leanings to your life. Furthermore, a while after EC, you may fall and wonder, “was that a dream?” The problem lies on the challenge of truly knowing and experiencing how worthy the presence of Jesus is in your your life.

     I believe that’s what “Rise & Go” means.

     Let’s enjoy our time together at ec16 and let's have a blast!

Rev. Tsuyoshi Uchikoshi's Profile
He is from Sapporo, one of the top 3 popular cities to live in throughout Japan. He began attending Azusa Pacific University in 1994 and even though his grades weren’t so great, he spent an extremely fun time as an international student and evangelized. While he was there, he met Katsuya Iida (currently the senior pastor of J-House) and they began Funky Friday Night together. This expanded to Azusa Pacific University two years later. After graduating in 1998, he became the pastor of his home church, Airin Chapel Christian Church. He holds Next Generation Ministry’s “MEBIG” seminars in over 30 places inside and outside of Japan. He is also a consultant for Next Generation Ministry’s training, development, and growth and also holds dating seminars for young adults. He has a family of 6, with 3 daughters and 1 son. He really likes playing hard, and eating food so good that it’s emotionally moving. He especially likes pizza from VPN (Vera Pizza Naporitana), a restaurant approved and licensed by Naples (and also snake stew from Taiwan: it’s delicious). Additionally, he likes laughing, deer-hunting, basketball, playing with nerf guns, slacklining, bouldering, drinking specialty coffee, licking olive oil, drawing on the faces of people who are asleep, and he still has many other interests and hobbies, but his favorite is his wife. Oh, how wonderful this life given to us by God is!
Let’s jump into the story of God
Kazuhiko Yamazaki-Ransom
ec16 main speaker

     Although I was born and raised in Japan and and became a Christian there, I have a special heart for Japanese Christians that live oversea because my wife is from America and I have studied theology here for 6 years since 2000. It’s my first time to attend Equipper Conference but I expect great things because I have known JCFN and attended their meetings in the past which were full of blessings. I also thank God that I will be able to attend ec this time with all my family members. I pray that I will be able to feel the love of God not only as the main speaker of ec16 but also as an attendee and have time to share this experience with all of you during ec.

     We have been given a wonderful theme for ec this year which is “Rise & Go -In His victorious name-.“

     We hope and pray that those who participate in ec will be able to “rise” in the name of Jesus Christ and in His victory of resurrection, and be able to “go” with the Holy Spirit, receiving conviction in that Truth.

     However, where in the world are we going to?

     During the bible exposition in ec, we will study the word of God together from the book of Luke. The Bible is not just a textbook for theology or a rule book of moral. It is a “story” about the living God and what He has done in history for salvation of human beings and this world. It is a dramatic story that focuses on Jesus Christ as well as the creation of the world up until the new world. Equipper Conference and this world that we will be sent out to from ec are the “stages” of this story.

     The story/drama of God is still unfolding today and all of you including myself are invited to join. Each of us are important and necessary characters in the story of God. Why don’t we write a new page of the story of God together at ec16?  I am looking forward to seeing you all at ec!

Rev. Kazuhiko Yamazaki-Ransom's Profile
Born in 1970 in Osaka and grew up in Kanagawa, Kazuhiko became confused about the meaning of his life his second year of college, but met Jesus and was baptized. He earned a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Science from the University of Tokyo. He dedicated to full-time ministry as a doctoral student. He married his American wife in 1999. In 2000, he and his family moved to the United States and he studied at Bethel Seminary (St. Paul, MN), and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (suburbs of Chicago, IL). He earned his Ph.D through his study of the New Testament. After returning to Japan in 2006, he began teaching at Revival Biblical Seminary, and is now its principal, as well as the chairman of Japan Evangelical Theological Society in the Chubu area. He has written The Victory of the God of Peace (Praise Press), The Roman Empire in Luke’s Narrative (T&T Clark) and others. He updates his blog Through a Glass ( regularly. He currently lives in Shinshiro, Aichi with his wife and three teenage daughters.
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