Supporting Membership

Please see below for the detail and the direction for sign-up procedure for the supporting membership.


[The Supporting Membership Details]
●Duration: July to June (12 months)
●Renewal: Every year in June, the reminder for membership renewal will be sent out via E-mail. The membership renewal process will be completed by sending the pledged offering.
●Discontinuation: By not updating the membership during the renewal period, your membership as a supporting member will be discontinued. From that point your member information will be managed under the category of the regular membership.

[Pledged Offering]
●The amount of the pledge: $30 annually (3,000 yen)
●Optional offering (free-will): In addition to the pledged offering, you can make optional (free-will) offering at the same time. The amount will be determined by the giver.
●The method for sending the offering: credit card (in dollars), personal check (North America), postal transfer (Japan), bank transfer (Japan)
●The pledged offering and optional offering (free-will) in the U.S. will be eligible for tax deductible.

[The Supporting membership Sign-up Procedure]
●For those who already have regular membership:
An E-mail will be sent from JCFN to explain about the supporting membership sign-up. From a link in the e-mail, you can log in to your account, check the content of the membership sign-up, and proceed to sending the pledge.
●For those who will newly sign up for the membership:
Upon completing the registration for the regular membership, log into the account from the sustaining membership sign-up page, check the content of the member sign-up, and proceed to sending the pledge.

[How to sign up for "Supporting Membership"]
● For those who already have regular membership:
Visit this link, log in to your account, check your account information, and follow the instructions to send your pledge.
● For those who are not a regular member:
Visit this link, register for the regular membership, and then follow the instructions for regular members above.